CIO Management Support Tools
There is an app for that! We live in a time where there are software solutions for almost every imaginable need, solutions promising to make our lives easier, simpler, faster, better. The enterprise application space is no different.

Creative minds have devised ways to improve enterprise processes, increase productivity, improve outcomes and deliver multi-fold return on investment. So how many applications does the enterprise really need? Do these applications really deliver a return? At what point does investment in tools start delivering a diminishing return? Last, but not the least, how do you determine the tools your enterprise needs and extract the most value from your investment in software applications? The analysis in this paper focuses on the suite of tools available to a Chief Information Officer (CIO) to manage his or her activities i.e. the world of CIO Management Support Tools.

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Case Study – NetImpact Strategies and the National Cancer Institute
Working collaboratively with the National Cancer Institute (NCI) Center for Biomedical Informatics and Information Technology (CBIIT), NetImpact Strategies has achieved significant progress in

enhancing business governance and budget decision-making while improving compliance with federal and departmental IT management policies for capital planning and project management.

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Enterprise Architecture and Portfolio Management: The Need for IT Governance
In a federal environment characterized by shrinking budgets and increasing regulation, CIOs are under constant pressure to demonstrate value generated by IT investments.

Internally, IT organizations are being asked to justify business value of investments and alignment to strategy, to improve controls to achieve scope, schedule and cost targets and to decommission redundant or low-value assets. Externally, regulations like Sarbanes Oxley require improved financial controls and governance, the Clinger Cohen Act compels federal IT groups to run ‘like a business’ and OMB mandates Capital Planning and Investment Control (CPIC) processes to manage IT portfolios. This atmosphere has led to an increased need for effective IT Governance to create accountability and achieve an organization’s IT vision.




Ms. Kalatur (of NetImpact Strategies) helped my division indeveloping a Concept of Operations for IT Quality Assurance. She did an outstanding job with the deliverable. She combined functional and technical expertise with strong work ethic and professionalism to deliver valuable contributions to our program. Her work was consistently on time, within budget, always going beyond our expectations.
– Chief Enterprise Architect, Small Business Administration
We have come a long way in the past 18 months. Because of your intimate knowledge of the portfolio product coupled with your outstanding understanding of our organization and its historical governance processes, you have helped us become a more transparent and effective organization in the execution of taxpayer monies. I am confident that 2012 will bring even more efficiencies, stronger governance processes, and sound decision making. We could not have made this journey alone. Thank you for being true partners in the success of CBIIT and the NCI.
� Former COO, CBIIT, NCI