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As thought leaders, NetImpact professionals are always looking for better ways to solve the challenges facing our clients. Please reference the reports below for insights on hot topics in the Federal space.

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NetImpact's Management Consulting & Technology Services

NetImpact Strategies, Inc. is focused on Strategy and Business Transformation, IT Modernization, Data-driven Intelligence, Cloud Services and Cybersecurity. We deliver value through technical and managerial expertise – innovation, efficient processes, executable strategies and methodologies that generate tangible and measurable results for our clients.

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NetImpact's ServiceNow Implementation Services

NetImpact’s ServiceNow certified experts facilitate business process automation using ServiceNow for a wide variety of civilian and military Government clients. We are adept at designing, developing, and managing large enterprise applications with expertise in complex ServiceNow solutions.

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NetImpact's RPA Services

NetImpact Strategies Robotic Process Automation (RPA) revolutionizes the way our clients do business by dramatically reducing transaction cycle times and improving overall accuracy through the automation of repetitive and rules-driven business processes. This frees up human resources to focus on more value-add and strategic missions.

White Paper
The FITARA Effect: How This New Legislation is Affecting Capital Planning and Investment Control (CPIC)

As the lens continues to focus in on Information Technology (IT) spending in the federal Government,innovative methods to cut costs without sacrificing results have become a major point of emphasis.

The Federal Information Technology Acquisition Reform Act (FITARA) aims to streamline the acquisition process and make Congressional oversight more efficient by strengthening the ability to better align IT investments to agency objectives. In layman's terms, FITARA will attempt to decrease IT costs by reducing redundancy and waste.

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Effective IT Governance White Paper: Understanding IT Governance and Why it Often Fails!

Dive into the world of governance and see the top 10 reasons for ineffective governance. This paper is about effective Information Technology (IT) Governance and practical tips for the Federal Government.

IT Governance helps Federal agencies align their IT investment planning and implementation to strategic priorities and business needs, while helping to ensure efficiency, decreased costs and more productive use of IT to achieve their mission.

Written by Lasitha Gunawardena and Latha Ramesh, this whitepaper was published in the Architecture & Governance magazine, Volume 10 - Issue 3.

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Health Checks – Not just for humans!

Why do software implementations need health checks? You picked the right software, got the right integrator, gave good requirements, had a successful deployment and yet are having problems with the implementation.

These problems may be manifesting themselves in different ways:

  • The configuration which evolved with business needs now seems haphazard;
  • Performance has deteriorated over time;
  • Your organization is not taking advantage of the new features in the latest releases;
  • Users are complaining that the navigation is cumbersome
  • Or some combination of these issues.

How do you go about fixing these issues? Where do you start? That is where Health Checks come in. These targeted services engagements staffed by experienced solutions architects and analysts help diagnose and address the root cause of the issues; restoring your implementation to good health and increasing return on investment (ROI) from the monies spent on the tool.

White Paper
CIO Management Support Tools

There is an app for that! We live in a time where there are software solutions for almost every imaginable need, solutions promising to make our lives easier, simpler, faster, better. The enterprise application space is no different.

Creative minds have devised ways to improve enterprise processes, increase productivity, improve outcomes and deliver multi-fold return on investment. So how many applications does the enterprise really need? Do these applications really deliver a return? At what point does investment in tools start delivering a diminishing return? Last, but not the least, how do you determine the tools your enterprise needs and extract the most value from your investment in software applications? The analysis in this paper focuses on the suite of tools available to a Chief Information Officer (CIO) to manage his or her activities i.e. the world of CIO Management Support Tools.

White Paper
Enterprise Architecture and Portfolio Management: The Need for IT Governance

In a federal environment characterized by shrinking budgets and increasing regulation, CIO's are under constant pressure to demonstrate value generated by IT investments.

Internally, IT organizations are being asked to justify business value of investments and alignment to strategy, to improve controls to achieve scope, schedule and cost targets and to decommission redundant or low-value assets. Externally, regulations like Sarbanes Oxley require improved financial controls and governance, the Clinger Cohen Act compels federal IT groups to run ‘like a business’ and OMB mandates Capital Planning and Investment Control (CPIC) processes to manage IT portfolios. This atmosphere has led to an increased need for effective IT Governance to create accountability and achieve an organization’s IT vision.