I³ Movement

What is the I³ Movement?

The I³ Movement provides a platform for government, industry, and technology collaboration to build a digital democracy – regardless of technical literacy, experience, and role.

Democratization of software development begins with removing Barriers of Entry to allow active engagement and enthused participation of citizens in creating low-code, no-code (LCNC) mission solutions. At NetImpact, we are tearing down this barrier so the federal community can evolve as a democracy that creates a future of people-centric, mission intimate, and citizen-designed innovations.

Origin Story

This is it – as an I³ Mover, you are a pioneer launching this movement with co-collaborators.

Why I³? The I³ Movement has its genesis in NetImpact's governing principles of combining Insight, Initiative, and Integrity to drive Impact.

Why now? NetImpact as well as other companies supporting the federal government have relied on close collaboration with the mission subject matter experts; using their inputs to guide the development of successful, intuitive enterprise systems. As we ponder the future of Government and commit ourselves to bringing disruptive thinking to the federal digital transformation efforts, we find that traditional IT team models can no longer support the scale of development legerity and change responsiveness.

This challenge is resolved by the changing IT landscape, where the mission experts can be enabled to build mission solutions using low-code, no-code (LCNC) platform software and leverage their IT counterparts to provide consultative support. This grants mission experts the autonomy to build solutions at the mission-speed, supporting current and emerging at the pace needed, without relying on the traditional development process.

New mandates calling for action and accountability on modernization like EO 14058 and the President’s Management Agenda (PMA) have reiterated the need for workforce empowerment and the importance of revolutionizing the citizen experience. The way to get there together sooner is by empowering citizen development with the tools, support, and safeguards to develop more mission-relevant solutions faster.

While maintaining status quo may be better for business in the short term, embracing the new paradigm is better for us as a community and as a country looking to the future.

This page will serve as the digital home for the upcoming news, events, and resources, but the true home of this movement lies in the fervor and ideas of you the people, and your active engagement.

What is....?

Citizen Development: Citizen development encourages non-IT-trained individuals within their organizations to become software developers and create business applications and innovations. It is IT designed by business and mission experts for the missions they support, not just technology experts.

Software Development Democracy: Software development democracy produces “technology by the people.” It is achieved when participatory citizens are engaged, not just consulted, in the software they use for the mission they know and becomes powerful when backed by an ecosystem formed in vendor and technology neutrality.

Collaborate. Educate. Innovate.

When achieved, development democracy decreases overall cost of development, elevates our country’s general digital dexterity and workforce talent level, and transforms the federal customer experience (CX) for the American people. By empowering and equipping our mission experts with the support system and tools necessary for hands-on solution development, we not only deliver greater operational agility for the organization but also restore emphasis on the value of the mission over the technology. IT teams can regain delivery focus for sophisticated technical support without interfering with the mission drumbeat that demands need-based changes and automation which evolves daily. Business users achieve self-sufficiency in creating intuitive, responsive, and value-add apps quickly – without preparing to fight for prioritization against more complicated asks or waiting on the availability of a team already committed to higher objectives.

While promising outcomes lie ahead, organizations are challenged with entry barriers in governance and security, technical skills and expertise, and motivation and mindset. The compounding questions surrounding IT governance and regulation, maintenance of secure infrastructures, workforce skill discrepancy, and the drastic rehabilitation required of the innovation culture deters civic contributions before it begins. The I³ Movement brings programming and resources structured around components of Collaboration, Education, and Innovation to remove these common entry barriers and enable you to be an active part of the future of IT.

In 2021, the number of low/no coders was estimated to be around 2.6M by IDC. That number is expected to rise by a 40% annual average until 2025 – growing three times quicker than the total developer population.


By pooling resources and crowd-sourcing knowledge through open collaboration, we lower the accessibility requirements and cultivate an ecosystem that cross-pollinates right at ideation. Guided by self-governing subject matter experts expanding from the technology platform to other federal customers and partners, Citizen Developers enjoy a multi-dimensional sounding board and the app development agility without compromises in design, scalability, and security.

This knowledge sharing serves as the foundational element to long-term interagency success and trust building and is critical to ideation.


Innovation without execution remains at ideation. Knowledge building through educational events and resources foster the Citizen Developer independence and hands-on learning required to realize an idea. Through webinars featuring LCNC experts from technology partners, and senior citizen developers – Citizen Developers gain access to a network of specialty support that meets their comfort level and close the perceived skills disparity required to achieve their goals. Training specialists deliver certification boot camps and help curate and vet a library of resources so civic innovation can happen without a Google or Bing rabbithole journey.


In full circle, Citizen Developers re-energize the movement by sharing their innovations for feedback and to inspire the community. This healthy flow allows for continuous collaboration and creative exchange while also providing insight on the agency’s progress in the cultural shift.

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