Digital Transformation Capabilities

Delivering 360° Impact

NetImpact maximizes the benefit of Digital Transformation by creating a cohesive approach addressing strategy, tools, and data using our DX360°™ capabilities. Considering Strategy, Technology, and Information and their interdependencies through a holistic and comprehensive lens, our DX360°™ Capabilities offer practical, proven and ready-to-use blueprints, playbooks and tools to accelerate Digital Transformation and reduce risk. We create an effective and sustained DX experience by embedding DX organization-wide as the new “norm”, sparking digital capability innovation, creating adaptive services that enhances the customer experience.


PlatformFirst™ uses accelerators that reduce the build time, implementation cost, and long-term maintenance that drains your pocket. We package PlatformFirst™ solutions for individual technologies to deliver significant benefits:

  • Blueprints: Enterprise-class blueprints that are repeatable codified, adaptable, tailorable, and built on best practices
  • Innovation Library: Reduces application development costs by 50-60% leveraging common codebase and workflows
  • Integration Factory: Near real-time enterprise-wide interoperability across multiple ServiceNow instances, other technology stack
  • Smart Automation/Custom Apps: Reduce cost by 25-40% and accelerate implementation timelines by 20-30% through automation operations of IT infrastructure, service management, operations management, and business management functions and ready-to-go apps.

Learn more about our PlatformFirst™ apps for ServiceNow solutions.

Digital Blueprint

It's easier to get to your destination when you have a map and know the shortcuts. We guide you through the multi-dimensional considerations of DX success and embedding DX organization-wide as the new “norm” to spark innovative uses of digital capabilities, create adaptive services, and improve using actionable intelligence and meaningful metrics.

  • Maturity Assessment using industry-recognized models to identify gaps and opportunities for targeted improvements and decomposed goals
  • Strategy Blueprint for people, processes, and technology, aligned with mission objectives and transformation goals
  • Digital Dexterity Library of curated resources for building technical literacy in the Federal Government


De-centralizing decision-making empowers your team and allows them to think and move forward independently. We energize governance with agile for a change-responsive organization and streamlined communication. We iteratively implement enterprise governance that is adaptive to changes in objectives, goals and performance.

  • Governance Maturity Model to guide the development of a digital roadmap and change prioritization
  • AgileGovernance™ blueprint with innovative agile practices for quick and decentralized decision-making
  • OCM Playbook tailored to the customer’s mission, goals, and objectives
  • Measures of Change promoting value-based, data-driven decision-making and greater transparency

Mission-Centered Design™

Our MCD™ approach keeps design integrated with mission value and customer outcomes, the usability for the people and its evolving role, and an aligned IT strategy. Mission value is realized through systems and processes that are cross-functionally integrated for long-term serviceability, positive user interactions, and architectural soundness.

  • Comprehensive Journey Maps for the end-to-end human experience that changes with IT ecosystem maturity
  • Cross-Organizational Information Roadmaps to understand and evolve data, its use, and infrastructure to build organizational value and insight.
  • Immediate feedback loops that generate responsive, iterative delivery and adoption through PlatformFirst™ and the ParadigmSHIFT™ OCM framework


At the end of the day, it's all about the people and the trust we have in each other. NetImpact's unique organizational change management (OCM) framework is proven to drive transparent and organic change specifically for the Federal Government. With OCM aligned to development practice and balanced in an equilibrium of user's tactical needs and organization's strategic vision, we make change organic.

  • Mission Integration extending the solution half-life
  • Adoption Velocity catalyzing the adoption early on and initiates momentum for strong Adoption Vigor
  • Time-to-Value reduction that proves the agility and business gains possible
  • Overall shift in your organization's paradigm and culture for change endurance


Are you making decisions with the right information? AI.Impact™ is NetImpact's assessment, prescriptive, and strategic approach for improving an organization's data culture and effectiveness over the long term. We review elements such as input fatigue, information inefficacies, and data deluge to determine maturity across multiple dimensions and recommends focused improvement across people, processes, and tools. We actualize the data value and avoid costly issues from decision paralysis or misinformed decisions.

Our AI.Impact™ methodology puts organizations in control of their data. To maximize effectiveness, AI.Impact™ is aligned to the Federal Data Maturity Model and paired with the ParadigmSHIFT™ OCM operating model to reframe how we think about data or the PlatformFirst™ approach to improve long-term, enterprise data interoperability.

SaaS Mission Apps

Our Software as a Solution (SaaS) offerings provide ready-to-go, digital solutions to deliver the Trusted Advisor impact. NetImpact has meticulously distilled the domain expertise and agency intimacy built from our partnerships into mission apps so customers across the Federal government can enjoy the same benefits through our SaaS subscriptions. Stay tuned for the launch of our Mission App Showroom and check out our available apps below:


As an Elite ServiceNow partner with unparalleled product line achievements in the Federal market, NetImpact offers PlatformFirst™ solutions to deliver significant benefits in cost optimization, enterprise-wide interoperability, and mission readiness. Learn more about our SaaS mission apps available from our PlatformFirst™ ServiceNow solutions here at:



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