Certifiably Passionate About ServiceNow – Craft of the ServiceNow CMA

Can you certify passion? ServiceNow did.

Certified Master Architects (CMAs) are bona fide experts in ServiceNow – backed by ServiceNow’s[LL1]  rigorous application and case-study-based vetting program. It’s a six-month journey ending in a highly interactive capstone presentation defended before a murder board panel of experts. The CMA candidate provides a walkthrough of their implementation strategy and are interrogated by a panel of experts on everything from technical expertise and creative solutioning to business acumen and governance soundness.

How does the CMA Certification Differ?

The CMA certification is the pinnacle of ServiceNow expertise – which is why only approximately 250 exist globally, and less than 80 are in the Americas. To achieve CMA certification, candidates must demonstrate mastery across multiple ServiceNow domains and successfully complete a rigorous examination process. ServiceNow offers three major categories of certifications for its implementation and delivery professionals, along with accreditations for business professionals.

What Does a CMA Mean?

These intense CMA requirements ensure that the expert truly possesses the advanced technical skills, strategic vision, and a thorough understanding of business application that enable them to architect complex solutions in alignment with organizational goals. In essence, the CMA tests the individual’s ability to drive maximum value and long-term sustainability for the customer by demonstrating how well they truly understand the platform.

Certification Growth: Since its inception in 2019, the number of ServiceNow CMAs has steadily grown, with an average annual increase of over 70% in certified professionals.

  • 2020: 45 → 2024: 255

Global Reach: ServiceNow CMA certification is recognized worldwide, with professionals from over 50 countries achieving certification to date. There are a little over 250 CMAs globally.

Passing Threshold: The passing threshold for the ServiceNow CMA certification exam is a minimum of 70%, reflecting the high standards and proficiency required to attain this prestigious certification.

Industry Demand: 80% of Fortune 500 companies employ ServiceNow CMAs, highlighting the widespread demand for skilled professionals who can architect and implement ServiceNow solutions.

Career Advancement: On average, ServiceNow CMAs are promoted faster and enjoy more than 20% salary increase for their expertise.

How Do I Begin My Journey?

At NetImpact, one of our core values is demonstrating loyalty and providing support to our employees. We know that when they grow, we grow. Our award-winning certification program is known in the industry for its ability to guide and support our employee’s growth through certifications that validate their skills and knowledge while advancing their understanding of the tools they’re passionate about. If you’re ready to advance your career, check out our open positions on the Career page because we are always hiring passionate problem solvers.   

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