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Case Management

Streamline case management with DX360°® Case Manager solutions. Collaborate, collect data, and resolve cases efficiently while ensuring compliance and security.

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Accelerating Citizen-Driven Solutions for Federal Progress

Case management can vary based on business function or industry requirements – investigative cases differ from clinical case, which differ from family services management or regulatory requests. Fundamentally shared across practices is the need for cross-disciplinary collaboration and a client-centric, outcome-specific management of dense information throughout the case’s lifecycle. Regardless of the type of cases the Case Manager is working, the following remain key success criteria:

Ability to collect a myriad of information and artifacts fragmented in formats.

Flexibility to conduct and capture research across formats.

Ability to intelligently synthesize dense information into insightful data points.

Secure way for cross-disciplinary collaboration and intelligence gathering

Our DX360°® Case Manager solutions grants a secure, collaboration space for the federal workforce to access, update, and resolve cases in a way that fulfills niche needs by case type while meeting the federal legal, security and compliance requirements to protect sensitive case data.

Our PlatformFirst® for Microsoft Case Manager products provide a worry-free, Cloud-based solution that takes the flexibility and ease of data collection and retrieval requirements for the Case Manager in mind while providing the convenience of smart automation and predictive, machine learning intelligence necessary for timely resolution on behalf of the clients.

These PlatformFirst® for Microsoft Case Manager products purpose-built platform design which take advantage of low-code/no-code capabilities for agile configuration and deployment and maximizes use of the advanced platform features. By leveraging the federally accepted Microsoft Dynamics platforms, teams achieve ease of integration with the existing IT systems through tried-and-true connectors and APIs. The intuitive and mobile interface enables field workers and teams to provide real-time updates at the convenience of an app – which enhances our overall ability to collaborate and take timely actions to progress the case.

Learn more about our DX360°® Case Manager solutions below.

Case Manager

Enhance case management with DX360°® Case Manager. Secure, intuitive, and mobile-enabled, it simplifies the lifecycle and seamlessly integrates with Microsoft 365 and Azure.

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Success with Comprehensive Strategy Products

NetImpact’s DX360°® PlatformFirst® apps provide federal agencies with robust, user-friendly solutions for key challenges. These sophisticated apps, based on years of government software development, boost efficiency, comply with regulations, and drive results. Built on a secure framework, they streamline processes, enhance data management, and improve decision-making. Advanced analytics and AI enable fast, informed decisions by analyzing complex data. The platform’s adaptable and scalable nature suits various federal department needs, ensuring tailored solutions for maximum impact.


Streamline your federal organization’s cybersecurity and compliance efforts with DX360°® Cybersecurity & Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) Products, empowering you to stay ahead in today’s ever-changing threat landscape.

Citizen Development

Accelerate digital transformation by empowering mission experts with NetImpact’s low-code, no-code (LCNC) platform, fostering innovation and citizen-led solutions for the federal community.

Digital Dexterity

Unlock your organization’s digital potential with NetImpact’s DX360°® solutions. Enhance digital dexterity, streamline processes, and empower your workforce for sustainable success in the digital era.

Case Management

Streamline case management processes and enhance collaboration with DX360°® Case Manager solutions. Secure, adaptable, and efficient tools to meet your specific case management needs.

Strategic Actionable Insights

NetImpact’s Strategic Actionable Insights provide federal agencies with the intelligence needed to make informed decisions and take strategic actions to achieve their mission objectives.