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Citizen Development

Empower citizen development for mission-centric innovation with DX360°® solutions. Remove barriers and drive digital transformation in the federal community.

Accelerating Citizen-Driven Solutions for Federal Progress

Democratization of software development begins with removing Barriers of Entry to allow active engagement and enthused participation of citizens in creating low-code, no-code (LCNC) mission solutions. At NetImpact, we are tearing down this barrier so the federal community can evolve as a democracy that creates a future of people-centric, mission intimate, and citizen-designed innovations.

NetImpact as well as other companies supporting the federal government have relied on close collaboration with the mission subject matter experts; using their inputs to guide the development of successful, intuitive enterprise systems. As we ponder the future of Government and commit ourselves to bringing disruptive thinking to the federal digital transformation efforts, we find that traditional IT team models can no longer support the scale of development legerity and change responsiveness.

This challenge is resolved by the changing IT landscape, where the mission experts can be enabled to build mission solutions using low-code, no-code (LCNC) platform software and leverage their IT counterparts to provide consultative support. This grants mission experts the autonomy to build solutions at the mission-speed, supporting current and emerging at the pace needed, without relying on the traditional development process.

New mandates calling for action and accountability on modernization like EO 14058 and the President’s Management Agenda (PMA) have reiterated the need for workforce empowerment and the importance of revolutionizing the citizen experience. The way to get there together sooner is by empowering citizen development with the tools, support, and safeguards to develop more mission-relevant solutions faster.

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While maintaining status quo may be better for business in the short term, embracing the new paradigm is better for us as a community and as a country looking to the future.

When achieved, development democracy decreases overall cost of development, elevates our country’s general digital dexterity and workforce talent level, and transforms the federal customer experience (CX) for the American people. By empowering and equipping our mission experts with the support system and tools necessary for hands-on solution development, we not only deliver greater operational agility for the organization but also restore emphasis on the value of the mission over the technology. IT teams can regain delivery focus for sophisticated technical support without interfering with the mission drumbeat that demands need-based changes and automation which evolves daily.

Learn more below about these DX360°® solutions below that remove barriers to self-sufficiency for business users to creating intuitive, responsive, and value-add apps quickly without preparing to fight for prioritization against more complicated asks or waiting on the availability of a team already committed to higher objectives.

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What is….?

Citizen Development: Citizen development encourages non-IT-trained individuals within their organizations to become software developers and create business applications and innovations. It is IT designed by business and mission experts for the missions they support, not just technology experts.

In 2021, the number of low/no coders was estimated to be around 2.6M by IDC. That number is expected to rise by a 40% annual average until 2025 – growing three times quicker than the total developer population.
Workflow Engine - Enterprise

DX360°® Workflow Engine™ streamlines mission-supporting processes with user-friendly automation, simplified approvals, and end-to-end digital workflows, reducing backlog and improving efficiency. Ready-to-use workflows included.

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Success with Comprehensive Strategy Products

NetImpact’s DX360°® PlatformFirst® apps provide federal agencies with robust, user-friendly solutions for key challenges. These sophisticated apps, based on years of government software development, boost efficiency, comply with regulations, and drive results. Built on a secure framework, they streamline processes, enhance data management, and improve decision-making. Advanced analytics and AI enable fast, informed decisions by analyzing complex data. The platform’s adaptable and scalable nature suits various federal department needs, ensuring tailored solutions for maximum impact.


Streamline your federal organization’s cybersecurity and compliance efforts with DX360°® Cybersecurity & Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) Products, empowering you to stay ahead in today’s ever-changing threat landscape.

Citizen Development

Accelerate digital transformation by empowering mission experts with NetImpact’s low-code, no-code (LCNC) platform, fostering innovation and citizen-led solutions for the federal community.

Digital Dexterity

Unlock your organization’s digital potential with NetImpact’s DX360°® solutions. Enhance digital dexterity, streamline processes, and empower your workforce for sustainable success in the digital era.

Case Management

Streamline case management processes and enhance collaboration with DX360°® Case Manager solutions. Secure, adaptable, and efficient tools to meet your specific case management needs.

Accelerating Citizen-Driven Solutions for Federal Progress

At NetImpact, we believe in democratizing software development by removing barriers that hinder citizen participation in creating low-code, no-code (LCNC) mission solutions. We collaborate closely with mission subject matter experts, using their insights to develop intuitive enterprise systems. Traditional IT team models struggle to keep up with the scale and responsiveness required for federal digital transformation. The evolving IT landscape allows mission experts to build solutions using LCNC platform software, with IT counterparts providing consultative support. This empowers mission experts to develop solutions at mission-speed, supporting current and emerging needs without relying on traditional development processes.

Mandates like EO 14058 and the President’s Management Agenda emphasize the importance of workforce empowerment and revolutionizing the citizen experience. To achieve this, we empower citizen development with tools, support, and safeguards, enabling faster development of mission-relevant solutions. Embracing this new paradigm reduces development costs, enhances digital dexterity and workforce talent, and transforms the federal customer experience. By equipping mission experts with the necessary tools for hands-on solution development, we prioritize the mission over technology and deliver greater operational agility. IT teams can focus on providing sophisticated technical support without hindering the mission’s need-based changes and automation.

Discover more about DX360°® solutions that eliminate barriers, enabling business users to create intuitive, responsive, and value-add apps quickly, without fighting for prioritization or waiting for availability of busy teams committed to other objectives.

Workflow Engine - Enterprise

DX360°® Workflow Engine™ streamlines mission-supporting processes with user-friendly automation, simplified approvals, and end-to-end digital workflows, reducing backlog and improving efficiency. Ready-to-use workflows included.

Strategic Actionable Insights

NetImpact’s Strategic Actionable Insights provide federal agencies with the intelligence needed to make informed decisions and take strategic actions to achieve their mission objectives.