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Unleash the Power of Citizen-Developed Workflows

Experience the intuitive, effortless  workflow creation. No coding skills needed – just drag, drop, and automate your processes in minutes

Streamline, automate, and accelerate your workflows

DX360°® Workflow Engine™ is a front-end, user-friendly application that enables the creation of automated workflows for mission-supporting business processes under a single-user platform. This app consolidates essential processes into one common system with workflow automation, data sharing, and reporting; simplifies approvals and requests; converts ad hoc, email, and manual processes into end-to-end digital workflows; and reduces backlog and cycle time for repetitive processes. The enterprise edition ships with the following ready-to-use workflows:

Data Call Management

Information Requests Management


Ethics Approvals

Small Purchase Requisition Approvals

Document Release

Agency Directives Review & Approval

Implementation of Statute Changes

Key Features

Consolidation of Mission-Supporting Business Processes brings all processes into a single platform with workflow automation, data sharing and security, reporting, and analytics.

End-to-end Workflow for Business Processes enable Users, Managers, or Business Owners to initiate a workflow, with review and approval authority that can be set per the agency’s delegation of authority.

No-code configuration ability to match the agency needs, including assignment of action steps, single or multiple review steps, and approvals.

Configurable security where agencies can create and assign staff to groups for actions, reviews, and approvals based on their organization and specific business processes.

Dynamic Dashboards provide configurable global and process-specific dashboards to measure process time, open and closed workflows, and status for all open actions.

Extensibility for the configuration of the app to support additional workflows through a simple, no-code interface, enabling expansion to other agency business needs.

Efficiency unleashed with automated workflow solutions

True Business Transformation by converting ad hoc, e-mail, and paper-based processes into end-to-end digital workflows and consolidating mission-supporting business processes into a single platform with workflow automation, data sharing and security, reporting, and analytics.

Improves agency speed and reduces staff costs by 25% or more for regularly used activities.

Boosts productivity by providing a unified system with shared views of status, required actions, and reporting.

Reduces backlog and cycle time for repetitive mission-supporting business processes.

Enhances employee engagement and job satisfaction through simplified approval and request processes leaving more time for creative work.

Decreases backlog and cycle time for repetitive mission-supporting tasks.

Improves reliability and predictability of agency work by capturing process data in the system, enabling agency managers to predict the time and cost to complete common actions, and supporting more effective planning and use of agency resources to meet current and emerging mission needs.

Success with Comprehensive Strategy Products

NetImpact’s DX360°® PlatformFirst® apps provide federal agencies with robust, user-friendly solutions for key challenges. These sophisticated apps, based on years of government software development, boost efficiency, comply with regulations, and drive results. Built on a secure framework, they streamline processes, enhance data management, and improve decision-making. Advanced analytics and AI enable fast, informed decisions by analyzing complex data. The platform’s adaptable and scalable nature suits various federal department needs, ensuring tailored solutions for maximum impact.


Streamline your federal organization’s cybersecurity and compliance efforts with DX360°® Cybersecurity Products, empowering you to stay ahead in today’s ever-changing threat landscape.

Citizen Development

Accelerate digital transformation by empowering mission experts with NetImpact’s low-code, no-code (LCNC) platform, fostering innovation and citizen-led solutions for the federal community.

Digital Dexterity

Unlock your organization’s digital potential with NetImpact’s DX360°® solutions. Enhance digital dexterity, streamline processes, and empower your workforce for sustainable success in the digital era.

Case Management

Streamline case management processes and enhance collaboration with DX360°® Case Manager solutions. Secure, adaptable, and efficient tools to meet your specific case management needs.