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Case Manager Effortless Case Management, Amplified Efficiency

Say goodbye to complexity and hello to efficiency for all your case management needs. Discover a smarter way to manage cases, unleash productivity and stay ahead of your workload.


Efficiency and agility with DX360°® Case Manager

DX360°® Case Manager is a product line with mobile-enabled portability that simplifies the full lifecycle of case management – from inception through resolution and closeout. With an intuitive interface and the worry-free protection of sensitive investigative information secured on the accredited Microsoft 365 platform, the Case Manager app reduces administrative burden for case workers and agents by over 20%. Built on Azure and PowerPlatform with low-code extensibility and high-availability scalability, it also natively integrates with Microsoft 365, Azure AD, and other mission products on the agency Office 365.


Provides highly extensible, automated, and full lifecycle case management capabilities to intake, qualify, process, and manage benefits cases. It enables self-service benefits requests via a public portal and the app for case processing.


Provides highly extensible, automated, and full life cycle Case Management capabilities to intake, research, process, and manage FOIA cases. The app enables self-service FOIA requests via the public portal and enterprise app for case processing.


Streamline investigations with a highly extensible and automated case management system. Facilitate intake, evidence collection, analysis, communication, interviews, document management, and reporting. Automate the full life cycle for efficient processing, research, and resolution of investigative cases.

Provides highly extensible, automated, and full life cycle investigative case management capabilities for intake, evidence collection, objective analysis, contact communications, investigation interviews, document management, self-service reporting, and analysis. It automates investigation case processing with analysis objectives, research, and resolutions.


Enterprise Case Manager streamlines diverse case types, contacts, and processes, consolidating systems for reduced costs, heightened efficiency, innovation, and security. Features include document management, self-service reporting, analysis, and a public portal for comprehensive case processing and resolutions.

Provides a full life Case management capability for enterprises with support for multiple case types, contacts, supporting information, case portfolios, escalations., workload management, and configurable life cycle processes. The enterprise Case Manager consolidates all disparate case management systems while meeting each of their unique requirements resulting in reduced long-term costs, increased operational efficiency, innovation, and security. It has features such as document management, self-service reporting, and analysis to automate case processing with analysis objectives, research, and resolutions. The public portal feature is also available with this edition.

Key Features

Case Lifecycle Management supports case intake, case adjudication, case review, case approval, case validation, case completion, and closeout.

Workflow Automation and Investigative Activity Management including review/approval flows provide a seamless end-to-end experience for complaint handling, case opening, tracking, reporting, and longitudinal updates.

Customizable Workflows and Work-Group Queues, auto-assignment of cases based on configurable rules are assignment by supervisory roles, ability to upload files and attach images to cases, connect data sources to cases and link cases together, maintain a running log of case notes with the ability to tag notes with specific topics, automatically propose and establish relationships between similarities found in cases, see upcoming tasks and action items, close a case at any step in the process.

Centralized Case Management to manage all aspects of cases, including data capture, research, documents, approvals, and resolutions in a centralized repository designed for mission-critical operations across portfolios of cases, activities, contacts, and artefacts.

Centralized Records Management facilitates uploading and exporting supplementary files to a centralized location, which is maintained throughout the case’s lifecycle to provide a single source of truth for all documentation related to the case and eliminate fragmented collections that rely on emails, SharePoint, etc.

Single-Click summary case report generation with images, videos, web searches, and other files directly contained in Case Manager.

Link Cases for comprehensive view, stronger research effectiveness, effortless records management, insightful reporting, and higher productivity.

Automated Case Research and Resolutions with metrics collection, dashboards, and data import/export capabilities.

Alerts and Notifications inform users when a change occurs or actions to take for the next steps – simplifying supervisory case reviews, real-time information sharing that respects time criticality, and communication timing demands for geographically dispersed collaboration.

Role-Based need-to-know Access Control ensures tight and flexible information access management while inheriting the security control protections of the agency Microsoft 365 accreditation.

Secure Collection of Sensitive Data such as PII information or acquisition data.

Smart Cross Queries Using Embedded AI/ML and search actions using stackable criteria instantly identify suspects, co-conspirators, witnesses, and other persons of interest to expedite research for investigative cases.

Reporting and Logging supports generating case reports across multiple data sources, usage reporting for logging and auditing activity, cross-referencing to public, private, and proprietary records, system-generated alerts for changes made to cases, exporting cases in PDF, logging of all activity – Create, Read, Update, Delete (CRUD), and viewing in-progress tasks and activities with filtering functions.

Training and Knowledge Articles provide virtual online training capability.

Open APIs to integrate with legacy systems in read-only mode to maintain source data integrity as well as bi-directionally with other enterprise systems.

Efficiency unleashed with automated workflow solutions

Rapid Implementation, Enhanced Scalability, and Extensibility of case management system via low-code/no-code tailoring of out-of-the-box best-practice processes.

Integrated Enterprise Context through analytics, reports, and dashboards to provide real-time status and metrics for case progress, case portfolio health, trends, resolution patterns, as well as team cycle time, caseload, and upcoming assignments.

Single Source of Truth for all documentation related to the case is facilitated through centralized records management eliminating fragmented collection that relies on emails, Sharepoint, etc.

Integrated Enterprise Context through analytics, reports, and dashboards provide real-time status and metrics for case progress, case portfolio health, trends, resolution patterns, as well as team cycle time, caseload, and upcoming assignments.

Up to 50% Time Savings on Case Research and Processing via automated case research and resolutions, automated workflows, and federated queries.

Reduced Time Spent on Backlog Management using built-in reports and analytics to reveal workloads, status, and enterprise metrics to enable effective prioritization.

Increased Collaboration via multi-team collaboration and enterprise visibility to share information and continuously improve case status, resolutions, and approval cycles.

Automation and Configurable Workflows improve information accuracy, increase time efficiency, reduce workload costs for the agency, and improve morale.

Improved Accessibility with support for Section 508 Compliance, mobile access, and compatibility with all industry-standard web browsers.

Improved Usability and Reduced Training Time via simplification of case intake and processing through platform UI and standard navigation.

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