NetImpact’s DX360°® SaaS Solutions added to DHS CDM Approved Products

CISA has added Cybersecurity and ERM, Digital Dexterity, and Case Manager DX360°® SaaS products to CDM Approved Product List (APL)

DX360°® SaaS solutions organized into three major product lines are now part of the CDM APL Catalog

    • Cybersecurity and ERM products keep the government ahead of the threat landscape attack sophistication and enable continuous, and compliant management of IT and cyber risks
    • Digital Dexterity products equip the federal workforce with intuitive, high-performing tools to improve productivity, digital agility, and readiness for digital transformation success
    • Case Manager products provide intelligent automation, configurable workflows, collaboration engine and business rules to significantly accelerate system modernization goals

    .Falls Church, Va., March 7, 2024  ̶  NetImpact Strategies, Inc. (NetImpact) announced today that DHS Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) has added its suite of DX360°® SaaS solutions to the Continuous Diagnostics and Mitigation (CDM) Approved Product List (APL). DX360°® solutions provide clients with a distinctive and secure next-generation digital approach to modernize and transform critical business and functions effectively and efficiently.

    CISA’s CDM Program provides cybersecurity capabilities that improve government’s security posture and the APL serves as the authoritative catalog for solutions meeting CDM technical requirements and qualify for CDM implementations. Products and services are only included in the CDM APL upon successful completion of thorough inspection and vetting process by DHS. CDM APL solutions provide visibility into agency networks and help federal agencies defend against cyber adversaries.

    NetImpact’s three DX360°® Product Lines of Cybersecurity and Enterprise Risk Management (ERM), Digital Dexterity, and Case Manager have been listed on the CDM APL. They include DX360°®: Case Manager, Cyber Incident Reporter, DXOCM®, Security ARMOR®, Cyber-Supply Chain Risk Manager, ZTA Data Governor, Self-Reporting Asset Auditor, Onboarding Orchestrator, and Contract Portfolio Manager.

    “The inclusion of our DX360°® SaaS solutions on CISA’s CDM APL provides a major validation of the security and resilience of our software solutions” said Venkatapathi “PV” Puvvada, NetImpact CEO “DX360°® products demonstrate NetImpact’s commitment to delivering cutting-edge cybersecurity solutions that empower government agencies to stay ahead of our adversaries and securely create, manage, and optimize exceptional digital interactions at mission speed.”

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    NetImpact Strategies, Inc. is a digital transformation disruptor specializing in high-performing, secure digital solutions that redefine how technology is applied to deliver mission value.

    NetImpact empowers clients with DX360°® services that accelerate mission outcomes for sustainable, lasting value using SaaS COTS products built on ServiceNow and Microsoft. Follow NetImpact on their website or LinkedIn for more.