OCM ParadigmSHIFT®

Fostering Trust, Driving Change: NetImpact’s OCM Framework for Transparent and Organic Transformation in the Federal Government.

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Empowering People. Inspiring Trust. Driving Organic Change.

At the end of the day, it’s all about the people and the trust we have in each other. NetImpact’s unique organizational change management (OCM) framework is proven to drive transparent and organic change specifically tailored for the Federal Government scale and complexity. With OCM aligned to development practice and balanced in an equilibrium of user’s tactical needs and organization’s strategic vision, we make change organic.

Mission Integration extending the solution half-life

Adoption Velocity catalyzing the adoption early on and initiates momentum for strong Adoption Vigor

Time-to-Value reduction that proves the agility and business gains possible

Overall shift in your organization’s paradigm and culture for change endurance

Strategic Consulting's
Other Services


Our Systems Engineering & Integration (SEI) solution delivers mission-critical applications with adherence to industry standards and optimized for extensibility, simulations, and modern technology integration.

Digital Blueprint™

Our DevSecOps approach combines industry standards and collaboration to deliver tailored solutions, leveraging automation and intuitive interfaces for streamlined and secure software development, implementation, and sustainment.

Enterprise Risk Management

Our Full Stack development solution combines Agile Software Factory, Systems Engineering, and Integration capabilities to deliver scalable and secure applications aligned with industry standards and agency guidelines for faster deployment and cost savings.

Mission Centered Design™

Focusing system and process design on mission value and customer outcomes by incorporating user experience, information usefulness, and ecosystem integration for long-term cross-functional value.

Agile Governance™

Streamlining governance to enable change, remove roadblocks to decision-making, and increase engagement for successful, iterative transformation.

Exceptional Services, Endless Possibilities

NetImpact’s tailored services, strategic guidance, and seamless integration empower you to harness emerging technologies like digital transformation, AI, and data analytics. We create an effective and sustained DX experience by embedding DX organization-wide as the new “norm”, building digital dexterity, sparking digital capability innovation, and creating adaptive services that enhance the customer experience. With long-term partnerships built on trust and reliability, we are your strategic ally in shaping a future of sustainable growth.

NetImpact Strategies - Strategic Consulting - DX Excellence
Strategic Consulting

Transformation does not happen in a vacuum. Our solutions guide you through your Digital Transformation journey—combining mission, culture, and technical strategies to enable and sustain your success.

Mission Software Development

Strengthen and increase the value delivery of software development through our Agile Software Factory, DevSecOps, No-Code/Low-Code, Citizen Development, and modern application architectures.


Design, develop and deploy safe, secure and responsible AI aligned with agency strategy and mandates. Leverage the power of Generative AI development capabilities adapted to Government mission use cases, security and privacy requirements.

Cloud and Infrastructure

Optimizing investments in the Cloud doesn’t have to be a lofty goal. Our solutions build and accredit cloud environments; assesses, architect, and migrate applications; and manage network support for distributed.


Proactive readiness is essential to protecting critical systems and sensitive information from digital attacks. Our solutions provide a frictionless approach to intelligently protect the mission-enabling IT.

Strategic Actionable Insights

NetImpact’s Strategic Actionable Insights provide federal agencies with the intelligence needed to make informed decisions and take strategic actions to achieve their mission objectives.