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ZTA Data Governor
Data Governance Reinvented

ZTA Data Governor™ empowers organizations to enhance
the security of their ServiceNow platform by proactively
managing data risk and ensuring appropriate access controls.


Enhanced Data Security for ServiceNow Platform

The DX360°® ZTA Data Governor™ app enhances the security of the ServiceNow platform by categorizing data stored within it against the NIST 800-60 data information types. It proactively identifies the sensitivity of data that fields are intended to hold, following a Zero Trust Architecture. With the ZTA Data Governor™, you can easily manage data risk, minimize sensitive data leakage, and audit or set appropriate access controls.

Enhanced Data Security

Enhanced Data Security for ServiceNow Platform

Elevate the security of your ServiceNow platform with the DX360°® Data Governor™ app. Categorize and protect data, minimize leaks, and enforce access controls for comprehensive data risk management.

Improve the security of your ServiceNow platform with the powerful DX360°® ZTA Data Governor™ app. This innovative solution enhances data protection by categorizing stored data based on NIST 800-60 information types. By proactively identifying data sensitivity and following a Zero Trust Architecture approach, it helps you effectively manage data risk, prevent sensitive data leakage, and enforce robust access controls. With the ZTA Data Governor™, you can ensure comprehensive data governance, safeguarding your organization’s valuable information assets.

Enhanced Security

Protect your ServiceNow platform with ZTA Data Governor™, categorizing data based on NIST 800-60 types to proactively identify sensitivity, minimize data leakage, and enforce access controls.

Efficient Risk Management

Manage data risk effectively using ZTA Data Governor™, reducing vulnerabilities and ensuring compliance with robust data governance practices.

Streamlined Compliance

Achieve comprehensive data governance and meet regulatory requirements with ZTA Data Governor™, providing accurate categorization and control of sensitive data within ServiceNow.

Simplified Auditing

ZTA Data Governor™ enables easy auditing of data access and permissions, ensuring appropriate access controls and maintaining data integrity across the ServiceNow platform.

Key Features

Auto-characterizes each data element stored in your ServiceNow instance based on NIST 800-60 information types and facilitates easy adjustment of sensitive data with PII, SPI, or PHI for data security auditing and management with just one scan.

Real-time Status of all Data within ServiceNow to inform decisions, assess risk, and manage security events.

Simple, Intuitive Interface to assign security categories to tables and fields by information types (e.g., administrative, privacy, medical, etc.) based on NIST guidelines, and make impact adjustments based on specific agency.

Reporting and Dashboards deliver a single-click categorization snapshot and provide real-time visibility of data sensitivity and security consistent with data available on processes and workflows in the systems.

Key Features

Streamline data management in ServiceNow with ZTA Data Governor™. It automatically categorizes data elements based on NIST 800-60, simplifying data security auditing and allowing easy adjustment of sensitive information for enhanced data protection.

Stay informed and proactive with real-time data status in ServiceNow. Gain insights to make informed decisions, assess risk, and effectively manage security events for enhanced data protection and compliance.

Effortlessly assign security categories to tables and fields in ServiceNow using an intuitive interface. Follow NIST guidelines and customize impact adjustments to meet specific agency requirements for robust data security and compliance.

Gain instant insights into data sensitivity and security through one-click categorization snapshots and real-time visibility with comprehensive reporting and interactive dashboards aligned with your system’s processes and workflows.

Efficient Data Governance and Compliance Assurance

Improved Security Posture by bringing information about what types of data are stored within your instance to where the data is, instead of being located on another platform and improving the security of your data and centralizing the information in one place.

Enhanced Zero Trust Security Posture by categorizing in real-time all ServiceNow data, enabling security personnel to continuously tailor access controls, user monitoring, and data loss prevention to the most critical data within the platform following a Zero Trust Architecture.

Automated Continuous Reviews provide continuous validation of data categorization against your security level (e.g. FISMA Low, Moderate, High) and identification of deviations from the authorized categorization level.

Efficient Security Authorization and Accreditation to shorten the ATO process through workflows that help categorize ServiceNow data against the NIST 800-60 Categorization Framework, reducing the effort and cost to accredit the ServiceNow system and applications by up to 15%.

Continuous Data Monitoring by validating data categorization against system security level, enabling agencies to move to a continuous risk assessment model for their ServiceNow data, reducing compliance costs, and improving responsiveness.

Augments Security Team Efficiency through consolidation of security information for ServiceNow data into a single platform, improving the security team’s ability to review and revise controls to reduce risk.

Benefits: Efficient Data Governance and Compliance Assurance

The ZTA Data Governor™ app simplifies data management, promotes compliance adherence, and enables efficient governance to protect sensitive information effectively.

Improved Data Security and Centralization: Enhance your security posture by consolidating data information within the ServiceNow platform, ensuring better data protection and centralized management.

Enhanced Zero Trust Architecture: Categorize and monitor ServiceNow data in real-time, enabling tailored access controls, user monitoring, and data loss prevention to prioritize critical data and enforce a robust Zero Trust approach

Automated Validation and Compliance: Continuously review data categorization against security levels and promptly identify deviations, facilitating compliance adherence and ensuring data integrity.

Streamlined Authorization and Accreditation: Expedite the ATO process with automated workflows that align ServiceNow data categorization with the NIST 800-60 Categorization Framework, reducing accreditation efforts by up to 15%.

Continuous Data Monitoring and Risk Assessment: Validate data categorization against security levels, enabling a continuous risk assessment model, reducing compliance costs, and improving responsiveness.

Improved Security Team Efficiency: Consolidate ServiceNow security information in a single platform, empowering security teams to efficiently review and revise controls, mitigating risks effectively.

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