Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) could be the answer to Government Digital Services

SRE provides organizations with a next generation approach to optimize IT systems to become more reliable, scalable, resilient and efficient. This article originally published in Nextgov/FCW, explores opportunities for government agencies to apply commercial successes in their digital service delivery to better keep up with citizen expectations.

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NextGen Government:
Digital Transformation Apps

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DX360°® Enterprise Apps are a suite of commercial apps built on cloud platforms your Agency already owns that can be deployed to efficiently accelerate your digitization needs. These apps provide intelligent automation and workflows to eliminate toil, so that your team can focus on using their time productively for the mission.


Move from compliance to confidence. DX360°® apps to manage IT and cyber risk, simplify compliance, and provide continuous monitoring.


Unlock the potential of Citizen Development. DX360°® apps to empower federal employees with Citizen Development, enabling them with an agile, mission-focused solution development and elevating digital dexterity.


Boost Your Workforce & Digital Dexterity. DX360°® apps to simplify complex, labor-intensive tasks and solve demanding challenges, elevating your Agency’s digital mission readiness.


Streamline your case management. DX360°® apps offer secure, Cloud-based case management solutions for cross-disciplinary collaboration, intelligent information synthesis,
and real-time updates.

Accelerating Federal Digital Transformation

Modernize legacy systems, enhance data capabilities, and improve customer experience with our expert services that provide strategies for sustained success.

Unlock the full potential of software development with our cutting-edge services for Agile, DevSecOps, No-Code/Low-Code, Citizen Development, and modern application architecture.

Design, develop and deploy safe, secure and responsible AI aligned with agency strategy and mandates. Leverage the power of Generative AI development capabilities adapted to Government mission use cases, security and privacy requirements.

Optimize your Cloud investments with our expert services to build and accredit environments, migrate apps, and manage network support using automation and Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) principles.

Safeguard your IT portfolio with our expertise to identify and assess cybersecurity risks, develop tailored solutions, and implement comprehensive risk management strategies.

Digital Enablement Suites

Our Digital Enablement Suites provide a comprehensive set of reusable artifacts, best practices, and proprietary methodologies that address both the services and technical implementation needs of organizations. These customizable suites offer pre-built components, templates, and tools that enable faster and more efficient implementation of digital solutions, resulting in reduced development time and costs.


With our PlatformFirst® Digital Enablement Suite, we fast-track our clients’ digital modernization initiatives through end-to-end integrated solutions sets, reducing cost, improving scalability, and accelerating implementations. Our enterprise-class blueprints are repeatable, adaptable, and tailorable, while our virtual resource center provides a rich knowledge base and technical assets for cutting application development costs. We offer mature and sustainable production of platform- complementary pre-built integrations and leverage AI and analytics software to automate IT infrastructure, service, and operations management.


Our DXImpact™ Digital Enablement Suite is the ultimate resource for federal organizations looking to accelerate their digital transformation initiatives. Our suite of strategic and governance assets includes a vast array of proven methodologies, designs, checklists, and best practices. Our curated artifacts and continual investment in additional content ensure that the DXImpact™ Digital Enablement Suite remains a cutting-edge source to accelerate and risk mitigate your digital transformation experience.

Essential Services

Looking to revolutionize your organization? Look no further than our suite of innovative solutions, including Cyber Security & ERM, Citizen Development, Digital Dexterity, and Case Management. Designed to enhance efficiency, security, and mission success.

Strategic Consulting

Our Strategic Consulting Service offers expert guidance to help organizations navigate complex challenges and achieve their objectives. We provide tailored solutions to enhance efficiency, optimize processes, and achieve long-term success.

Data Insights

Our Data Insights services offer a comprehensive suite of data analytics solutions to drive business value. We help organizations unlock the power of their data to gain insights, make informed decisions, and improve overall performance.


proven methodology that ensures successful implementation of cloud-based solutions. Our approach prioritizes platform selection, architecture, and governance to ensure secure and efficient migration to the cloud.

Cloud & Infrastructure

Our Cloud and Infrastructure services provide expert guidance on cloud strategy, implementation, and optimization. We help organizations modernize their IT infrastructure, improve scalability and reliability, and accelerate innovation while reducing costs.

Software Development

Our Software Development services provide customized solutions to meet specific business needs. We utilize agile methodologies to develop efficient, user-friendly applications that enhance productivity and align with organizational goals.

Cybersecurity & ERM

Our Cybersecurity and ERM services provide end-to-end solutions to help organizations manage risks and protect against cyber threats. We offer comprehensive assessments, remediation strategies, and ongoing monitoring to ensure security and compliance.

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Programmer working in a software development and coding technologies. Website design. Technology concept.
Programmer working in a software development and coding technologies. Website design. Technology concept.

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