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DX360°® Cyber Incident Reporter is a user-friendly application that enables organizations to report incidents of cybercrime or security breaches quickly and easily, in compliance with the Cyber Incident Reporting for Critical Infrastructure Act of 2022 (CIRCIA). The app features a public-facing portal where users can submit information about the incident such as the type, date, time of occurrence, and other relevant details.

Real-time incident report messaging capability guarantees immediate communication around reported incidents. The reported data is available for review through an Analyst Dashboard for investigation before reporting to CIRCIA. The public-facing portal ensures transparency and easy access for reporting incidents, improving an agency’s efficiency and effectiveness in responding to and investigating cyber incidents.

Enables seamless incident reporting for cybercrime and security breaches, ensuring CIRCIA compliance. Real-time messaging and an Analyst Dashboard enhance incident investigation, streamlining response and improving efficiency in cyber incident management.

Experience seamless incident reporting with DX360® Cyber Incident Reporting. This user-friendly application empowers organizations to swiftly and effortlessly report cybercrime or security breaches in full compliance with the Cyber Incident Reporting for Critical Infrastructure Act of 2022 (CIRCIA). With its intuitive public-facing portal, users can conveniently submit incident details including type, date, time, and more. Real-time incident report messaging facilitates instant communication on reported incidents. The Analyst Dashboard enables thorough investigation and data review prior to CIRCIA reporting.

Enhance transparency and accessibility with the public-facing portal, bolstering operational efficiency and efficacy in cyber incident response and investigation. DX360® Cyber Incident Reporting simplifies compliance, streamlines processes, and empowers agencies to address cyber threats effectively, ensuring the utmost security for critical infrastructure.

Enable Efficient Incident Reporting

Streamline incident reporting with DX360°® Cyber Incident Reporter. Our user-friendly application simplifies the process, allowing organizations to efficiently submit cybercrime and security breach information through a public-facing portal.

Ensure Compliance with CIRCIA

Ensure compliance with CIRCIA using DX360°® Cyber Incident Reporter. Our application is designed to help organizations meet the requirements of the Cyber Incident Reporting for Critical Infrastructure Act of 2022.

Real-Time Communication and Messaging

DX360°® Cyber Incident Reporter includes real-time incident report messaging capabilities. This ensures immediate communication and collaboration around reported incidents, facilitating swift response and resolution.

Improve Efficiency and Effectiveness

Optimize incident response with DX360°® Cyber Incident Reporter. Our user-friendly interface and Analyst Dashboard improve efficiency and effectiveness in investigating cyber incidents, enhancing incident management and compliance with CIRCIA requirements.

Key Features

Streamlined portal for regulated entities to report cyber incidents in a secure and consistent manner.

Real-time visibility into incident response efforts, allowing agencies to track incident progress and make informed decisions.

Comprehensive dashboards to review cyber incident activity and analysis to help improve cyber stance.

Rapid reporting to meet CIRCIA requirements with timely submission and ease of management through SLA and OLA Dashboards and Notifications.

Collaboration and coordination among incident response teams, allowing them to share information and work together to resolve incidents.

Efficiently report cyber incidents in a secure and standardized way through our streamlined portal, ensuring compliance for regulated entities.
Gain real-time insight into incident response efforts, empowering agencies with the ability to monitor incident progress and make informed decisions for effective incident management.
Gain valuable insights into cyber incident activity through comprehensive dashboards, empowering organizations to enhance their cybersecurity posture and proactively improve their overall resilience against cyber threats.
Efficiently meet CIRCIA requirements through rapid incident reporting, facilitated by SLA and OLA Dashboards and Notifications, ensuring timely submission and streamlined management for compliance and accountability.
Facilitate effective collaboration and coordination among incident response teams, fostering seamless information sharing and cooperative efforts to swiftly address and mitigate cyber incidents for strengthened cybersecurity resilience.

Empowering Cyber Incident Reporting Efficiency and Compliance

Increased visibility into potentially related cyber threats to foster early detection and timely response.

Reduced Costs associated with investigating, responding, and recovering from cyber incidents.

Data–informed prioritization of security strategy and actions, and budget allocations.

Improved secure information sharing about cyber threats and incidents with other organizations to create a more secure cyber environment.

Improved accountability through better insights into the effectiveness of your agency’s cyber incident response processes and the ability to identify areas of improvement.

Empowering Cyber Incident Reporting Efficiency and Compliance

Empower your organization with DX360® Cyber Incident Reporting, a user-friendly application that enhances efficiency and ensures compliance by streamlining incident reporting processes and providing real-time communication and data review capabilities.

Enhance your cyber threat detection and response capabilities with DX360® Cyber Incident Reporting, providing increased visibility into potentially related threats for early detection and timely response.

Gain improved accountability and insights into your agency’s cyber incident response processes with DX360® Cyber Incident Reporting. Identify areas of improvement for enhanced effectiveness and response capabilities.

Experience reduced costs in investigating, responding to, and recovering from cyber incidents with DX360® Cyber Incident Reporting. Streamline processes and allocate resources more efficiently for cost savings and improved incident management.

Enhance the security of the cyber environment through improved information sharing about threats and incidents among organizations, fostering collaboration and a more robust defense against cyber threats.

Make informed decisions about security strategy, actions, and budget allocations based on data insights, ensuring effective prioritization and resource allocation to strengthen overall cybersecurity posture.

Improve compliance with the Cyber Incident Reporting for Critical Infrastructure Act (CIRCIA) by utilizing DX360® Cyber Incident Reporting, ensuring adherence to regulations and avoiding potential penalties or non-compliance issues.

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