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Portfolio Manager
Effortless Contract Management

User-friendly app centralizes and captures key contract data,
helping optimize the acquisition process, enhancing
performance transparency, and mitigating contract risks.


Streamline contract management with Contract Portfolio Manager

The DX360°® Contract Portfolio Manager app offers a user-friendly and configurable tool for federal agencies to manage and view contract data, providing a central location for active contract information. It captures key data such as Period of Performance, Ceiling, Obligations, Expenditures, and Modifications. The app simplifies contract management through financial and performance transparency via easy-to-understand dashboards, reducing the risk of costly contract gaps and support lapses. The captured data is made easily accessible to increase financial transparency.

The DX360°® Contract Portfolio Manager app provides Federal agencies with a user-friendly tool to effectively manage and view contract data, ensuring centralized access to critical information for active contracts.

By utilizing easy-to-understand dashboards, the app reduces the risk of costly contract gaps and support lapses, enabling agencies to make informed decisions and mitigate potential issues proactively.

The DX360°® Contract Portfolio Manager app enhances financial transparency by making captured contract data easily accessible, empowering agencies to improve accountability and optimize their contract management processes.

Key Features

Comprehensive View of All Contract Data, including funding needs, award details, option periods, modifications, invoices, funding vs. expenditure, contract burn status, vendor performance, and obligation health enables CORs and Financial Managers to make better decisions, manage contracts more effectively, and increase financial transparency.

Access a Full Portfolio summary of all contracts, as well as a drill-down for a detailed view of each contract.

Contract Creation and Comprehensive Management of contracts details, obligations and expenditures, and modifications with minimal clicks saving time and increasing efficiency.

Audit History of changes to the contract data to support the traceability and integrity of all contract-related data and quick resolution of any discrepancies.

Configurable Notifications and Alerts to facilitate proactive acquisition planning for option exercise, recompete planning, and other contract management activities.

Customizable Approval Workflows tailored to your business rules with necessary security as well as checks and balances built into the approval processes.

Document Repository to maintain secure role-based access to all contract information in a single location.

Obligation Distribution Tracking enables Financial Managers to easily track the distribution of funds that have been obligated to a specific contract, better manage their budget, and reduce the risk of over-obligating funds.

Contract Invoice Tracking to ensure the efficiency and accuracy of contract invoice records.

Enhanced Cybersecurity
Solutions Benefits

Increased financial transparency, better decision-making, and more effective contracts management through user-friendly access to contract data and analytical dashboards.

Improved decision-making and contract management through access to all relevant contract information in one place.

Increased productivity through customizable approval workflows and notifications.

Improved employee engagement through real-time collaboration and cross-workstream/cross-organizational transparency.

Improved responsiveness through configurable reminders and alerts.

Improved business continuity and reduced program risk through automation of important financial decisions and contract actions.

Better control of workload via easily configurable workflows and roll-ups.

Enterprise scale cost savings through identification of cost-effective tactics for out-year planning.

Improved traceability of requirements and insight into lifetime value changes for informed future planning and investment decisions.

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