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At NetImpact we are passionate about what we do and take pride in our work every step of the way. Our Trusted Advisors bring the innovation and undeterred problem-solving mentality necessary for the Federal Government to meet and optimize their mission by approaching engagements as partners.

And in these partnerships, we build the relationship with commitment and accountability at its core. We believe in doing the right thing because it is the right thing to do. Being Trusted Advisors is at the heart of what we do.

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Ms. Janet L.D. Vogel, Acting Chief Information Officer, Chief Information Security Officer, OCIO/ASA/US Department of Health & Human Services

I want to thank you for the hard work that you have been doing to provide the (now daily) reports on HHS vaccinations. The design, build, and implementation of the Vaccine Tracking system was truly an heroic and whirlwind effort. The daily report development, changes to numbers, and seemingly continual adjustments to system requirements, have been handled with grace and professionalism. Everyone involved has definitely learned a few things about systems, human interaction, and numbers during this process.This is an extremely important effort, and critical to the Secretary, Deputy Secretary, and the Assistant Secretary for Administration. Additionally, it is important that the OCIO was part of the solution and provided support every step of the way.Thank you for your continuing dedication. You make us all proud!

Marshall Albritton Project Manager, Department of State

NetImpact has always done an outstanding job since onboarding. Their knowledge of platform [ServiceNow] and applications is outstanding. Their work is very detailed and very thorough; NetImpact Strategies has set the bar very high.

Geoffrey Tobias Program Analyst, Division of Cancer Epidemiology and Genetics, National Cancer Institute

Congrats on pulling together the new Power App. HUGE improvement to previous reporting periods. Well done!

Chi Dinh IT Specialist, Office of Cancer Centers, National Cancer Institute

Kudos out to your & your team for automating this process. This app saved us so much time & efforts and definitely eliminated our sense of dread 🙂

Preet Bains Project Manager, Solution Delivery Division, Defense Health Agency

They are all ROCKSTARS!!!! We are very fortunate to have an "A++++++" team.

Cheryl Harper-Parham Chief Administration & Facilities Operations, PEO - DHMS

I love it... this is absolutely wonderful. I mummed by excitement but to actually see this working is truly amazing and is a testament to all the hard work you guys put into this process. Thank you, thank you...thank you!

Amy Taylor CIO, FinCEN

Thank you all for staying on top of this. For what should be a simple posting – the amount of people and email involved is staggering. Great job again for the web posting team. It may seem like a small thing – but if we mess up what people perceive as “small things” – it becomes a huge deal. So I appreciate you sticking with the details - following all of the emails, time changes, and content updates – and getting it done perfectly, and perfectly on time. Thanks!

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