NetImpact Strategies Announces the DX360°® Security ARMOR® App

NetImpact Strategies announces the DX360°® Security ARMOR® app… first in a series of digital transformation SaaS solutions for Microsoft. Available TODAY in the Microsoft App Store!

DX360°® Security ARMOR® is a solution that unifies all information related to the accreditation process into a single, smart software native to the Microsoft platform. Built for Government, Security ARMOR drastically changes the life and day-to-day for CISOs, AOS, ISSOs, ISSMs, and all important cybersecurity team members.

So – what is it?? It is….

  • …a unified security portfolio system that provides enterprise-wide view of the cybersecurity and IA health with drill-down into the status and risk areas of individual IT investments
  • …a continuous monitoring tool that assesses for compliance and security risks affecting your cyber and IA hygiene
  • …an automated selector of NIST SP 800-53 Controls based on your Categorization level and serves as a report generator that details findings
  • …a smart workflow and progress tasker that keeps your accreditation progress on track, your POA&M burndown on schedule, and your team’s workload predictable
  • …an artifact generator for ISSOs as well as RMF teams that stays customized to your agency’s templates
  • …so much more!

DX360°® Security Armor® provides a single source of information, saves time, and improves management of your information security and risk compliance. It can cut your ATO process time down by 50%!

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About NetImpact

NetImpact Strategies, Inc. is a digital transformation disruptor specializing in high-performing, secure digital solutions that redefine how technology is applied to deliver mission value.

NetImpact empowers clients with DX360°® services that accelerate mission outcomes for sustainable, lasting value using SaaS COTS products built on ServiceNow and Microsoft. Follow NetImpact on their website or LinkedIn for more.