Locks & Locksmiths: Opening the Door to Citizen Development

For any organization, the most powerful key to innovation lies within its people who come up with great ideas. However, people with brilliant ideas often encounter locked doors when trying to implement their concepts. Citizen Development acts as a master locksmith where non-IT employees use low-code/ no-code (LCNC) platforms to build software applications for business […]

Annual GHG Emissions Report: 2023

Doing our part in addressing climate change is more than a responsibility – it is our obligation to future generations. Reducing our environmental footprint is a focus area for our operations that drives how we connect sustainably. Which is why we have minimized our corporate GHG emissions to the electricity used in the facilities we […]

Certifiably Passionate About ServiceNow – Craft of the ServiceNow CMA


Can you certify passion? ServiceNow did. Certified Master Architects (CMAs) are bona fide experts in ServiceNow – backed by ServiceNow’s[LL1]  rigorous application and case-study-based vetting program. It’s a six-month journey ending in a highly interactive capstone presentation defended before a murder board panel of experts. The CMA candidate provides a walkthrough of their implementation strategy […]

10 Things You Need to Know about CMA’s Life Supporting the Federal Government

10 things

In the realm of technology, few certifications hold as much weight as the ServiceNow Certified Master Architect (CMA). These individuals are the vanguards of innovation, entrusted with architecting and implementing solutions that drive organizational efficiency and effectiveness. There are less than 80 CMAs in the AmericasLaunched in 2019, the ServiceNow Certified Master Architect (CMA) program […]

NetImpact CEO ‘PV’ Puvvada Moderating the Lunch Session at PSC Annual Conference 2024

Discover Growth Roadmaps with Industry Leaders at Professional Services Council’s Annual Conference. Only a few days until #PSCannual2024! Don’t miss Venkatapathi Puvvada ‘PV’, CEO of NetImpact Strategies Inc., moderating the lunch session on Day 3 i.e April 30th, “Roadmaps to Growth: Recent Experiences in Moving from Small to Other-Than-Small.” Learn about successful strategies businesses and procuring […]

Strengthening Cyber Incident Response: Lessons learned from major events

Str Cyber Incident Response

The cyber security landscape is dotted with incidents that have not only disrupted operations but also served as crucial learning moments for organizations worldwide. Among these, the SolarWinds cyberattack[i], Colonial Pipeline ransomware attack[ii], and JBS cyberattack[iii] stand out for their scale, sophistication, and the broad repercussions each had on national security, economic stability, and public […]

Securing Critical Infrastructure: Lessons from the Colonial Pipeline Ransomware Attack

CIR Colonial pipeline infographic

The 2021 Colonial Pipeline ransomware attack is a stark reminder of the devastating impact cyber incidents can have on critical infrastructure. The attack paralyzed 55% of the oil and gas supply on the East Coast and highlighted the vulnerabilities that organizations face in today’s digital world. Not only did it disrupt the flow of gasoline […]

NetImpact’s DX360°® SaaS Solutions added to DHS CDM Approved Products

CDM PR Phases

CISA has added Cybersecurity and ERM, Digital Dexterity, and Case Manager DX360°® SaaS products to CDM Approved Product List (APL) DX360°® SaaS solutions organized into three major product lines are now part of the CDM APL Catalog .Falls Church, Va., March 7, 2024  ̶  NetImpact Strategies, Inc. (NetImpact) announced today that DHS Cybersecurity and Infrastructure […]

Organizational Growth is Impossible Without Organizational Change


You can’t make an omelet without breaking some eggs and you can’t make it through a transformation without the disruptions. As the new calendar year unfolds, so does the opportunity for us to self-assess and evolve. Just like our personal resolutions drive individual growth, embracing change becomes the cornerstone of organizational progress. We are in […]