Certifiably Passionate About ServiceNow – Craft of the ServiceNow CMA


Can you certify passion? ServiceNow did. Certified Master Architects (CMAs) are bona fide experts in ServiceNow – backed by ServiceNow’s[LL1]  rigorous application and case-study-based vetting program. It’s a six-month journey ending in a highly interactive capstone presentation defended before a murder board panel of experts. The CMA candidate provides a walkthrough of their implementation strategy […]

10 Things You Need to Know about CMA’s Life Supporting the Federal Government

10 things

In the realm of technology, few certifications hold as much weight as the ServiceNow Certified Master Architect (CMA). These individuals are the vanguards of innovation, entrusted with architecting and implementing solutions that drive organizational efficiency and effectiveness. There are less than 80 CMAs in the AmericasLaunched in 2019, the ServiceNow Certified Master Architect (CMA) program […]